Nivea marketing research

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Nivea Visage Young Case

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Nivea Marketing Reseorch Leads to Consistency in Marketing Marketing Research Help

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These are the most prominent examples of skin care campaigns gone racist, but if you look broadly at the company’s international marketing, you’ll find other ads that overtly (if more diplomatically) praise and prioritize whiteness.

NIVEA used many secondary research sources to discover consumers' views and their need for deodorants.

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Secondary research In the deodorant category. • • • Results of the research The market research revealed an unexplored market potential for NIVEA Deodorant. NIVEA was targeting young women with its marketing of Pearl and Beauty 2. Market Research is collecting and analysis of information related to the target market of5/5(1).

Sony and Uniqlo have finally issued statements over a recent debacle surrounding an influencer-photographer they worked with – Daryl Aiden Yow.

NIVEA: Marketing Research Leads to Consistency in Marketing Nivea (, the skin care products company, is part of the German Beiersdorf conglomerate. As ofNivea’s skin care product line is marketed in.

Research & Development Researchers at Beiersdorf have spent over years unlocking skin’s complex processes to develop skin care products that are trusted the world over.

Innovation has always been a fundamental part of our DNA.

Nivea marketing research
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