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The biggest animal on Earth is the blue whale, a filter feeder that traces its evolutionary heritage back to four-legged toothy landlubbers. It’s. Jan 26,  · Somewhere in the North Pacific Ocean there is a whale. There are, of course, many whales, if rather fewer than there were a couple of hundred years ago.

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The blue whale (balaenoptera musculus) is the largest animal to ever live. Today, it is an endangered species due to humanity's hunt for them. They live in all the world's oceans and have a.

Apr 25,  · Last fall, a tour company in Australia stumbled upon a rare find: a dead whale. But what they had spotted turned out to be even rarer than that, as the video footage captured both sharks and a. Print out whale templates to make a mobile.

OCEAN DIORAMA Make an ocean scene in a box. Print out the sharks and whales, then color, cut, and hang them in a decorated box. ORIGAMI WHALE A simple folded-paper whale.

Pick the whales and dolphins you want, then print them out, connect the dots, and.

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